Throughout the summer of 2017, arts ethnographer Alexa Smithwrick worked with seven OPEN DOORS members to develop and share their personal narratives. This fall we are adding one of the intial seven stories to our site every couple of weeks. 

Stay tuned for more OPEN DOORS stories and guest interviews in 2018.

Vincent Pierce

Title: Appreciate Life
"They say the bond between fathers and daughters is unbreakable."

Levar Lawrence

Title: The Streets
“If you was the type of kid who didn’t come outside and knew how to fight ... or wasn't stuck in a gang ... you got picked on.”

Sammy Reyes

Title: Time Waits For Nobody
"Just because you're in a wheelchair doesn't mean your life stops." 

Andres Molina

Title: My Life
"Sometimes good people make mistakes, but that doesn't mean good people have to pay for it the rest of their lives."

OPEN DOORS Podcast Project is made possible through a Quality of Life grant from the Dana & Christopher Reeve Foundation, which helps give greater independence to individuals living with paralysis. 

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