OPEN DOORS is an initiative of the Angelica Patient Assistance Program. For more than 10 years, the nonprofit Angelica has been bringing arts and educational programming to economically disadvantaged New Yorkers in long-term care facilities. 

C O R E  M E M B E R S 

Andres Molina

Ramon "Tito" Cruz
Vince Pierce
Sammy Reyes
LeVar Lawrence


Jennilie Brewster, Director
Dexter Ciprian, Program Associate

Pavel Bez, Director or Media Education

V I S I T I N G   A R T I S T S
+ A C T I V I S T S

Joel Françoisspoken word artist 

Marlon Peterson
, community organizer and criminal justice advocate 
Steven Willis, spoken word artist 
Alex Davis, Social Justice Fellow 
Alexa Smithwrick, podcaster 
Jenessa Abramswriter, social media strategist 

D. Watkins
, writer, speaker
David Tomas Martinez, poet

OPEN DOORS works in close collaboration with
NYC Health + Hospitals / Coler's
Department of Therapeutic Recreation.

Gallery RIVAA April 21st, 2017

Top row: Director Jennilie Brewster, Visiting Artist Steven Willis and volunteer Melanie Greenberg 

Bottom row: members Rony Lys, Ramon "Tito" Cruz, Micah Harris and Vince Pierce


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