All work is original digital art by core member LeVar Lawrence. Sizes are variable. Please contact us for inquiries and for custom work at

Artist Statement
Growing up, my parents used to buy the Sunday paper and I would take the comics section and draw the characters. Being a shy kid, drawing was always an escape. I went from drawing on paper to drawing on walls in project staircases. I would spray paint on the side of the project buildings. In August, 2005 I was unfortunately shot on my neck, which left me paralyzed from the neck down. Now instead of drawing with my hands I take pictures and manipulate them with digital art software.
-LeVar "Var" Lawrence

The OPEN DOORS Portraits were designed by core members LeVar "The Vartist" Lawrence and Alhassan "El" Abdulfattaah. El and Var incorporated text from each of the members' personal writing giving each image a distinct voice.
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