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IT'S HERE! OPEN DOORS announces the publication of Wheeling & Healing: A Poetry Anthology Edited by OPEN DOORS Reality Poets. The Reality Poets invited residents of their long-term care facility, neighbors on Roosevelt Island, mentors and friends to contribute poems toward a message of realness, resilience and healing. Check out pics from our book launch below and connect with us to bring the Reality Poets' Realness, Resilience and Healing Tour to your community!


Wow! On March 11th the Reality Poets performed at the iconic Bowery Poetry Club, rousing the packed house to their feet. After the event one of our members said, "I woke up feeling like a rock star." It warmed my heart to hear those words. So to all who helped make this magical night possible, I want to say Thank You—for showing up, for lending your hearts, for sharing your voices, and most of all, thank you for believing in us.—Dexter Ciprian, Design Lead


A LOOK behind the scenes at the OPEN DOORS Reality Poets workshopping and editing their work as well the work of the OPEN DOORS extended family.

credit: Nkozi Tiewul

Reality Poets Ramon "King Tito Love" Cruz, Suluk Johnson and Andres "Jay" Molina 


A sneak peak into Wheeling & Healing

Just Wondering

Suluk Johnson

Must we beg and cry for freedom

Must we always live oppressed

Should we work and toil for others

Till our bodies lay at rest

Should we drop all indication

That identify us black

Are we really beautiful people

Is that truth and concrete fact

Are we really even living

Being poor like being dead

And will we ever really make it

Through the bloodstained roads ahead

Should we fight like Roman soldiers

Armed with weapons made to kill

Should we leave the sword behind us

And rely on wits and will

Will our children be affected

In the many years to come

Will they live in decent housing

Or the same old city slums

Is it wrong to want for freedom

Which we have so long been denied

Should we keep accepting setbacks

Thus relinquishing our pride

Whatever choice we’re gonna make

We’ve got to sacrifice

Cause freedom just ain’t free no more

We got to pay a price

Just wondering